Having been involved with Opals over the last 40 years I have entered numerous jewellery competitions as well as been featured in some of the big industry publications. The following sections showcase some of the awards and recognition I have received over the years:


Design Awards


Lightning Ridge Opal Festival     Jewellers Association of Australia     Gemmological Association of Australia

Earths Curve - Winner 2000 Australian Gemstones in Jewellery Design Awards
Run by the Jewellers Association of Australia and sponsored by Gemmological Association of Australia the Gemstones in Jewellery Design Awards covers not only Opal but all types of Gemstones. Earth's Curve won not only the Opal section but the whole competition.


Touch - First Place 2011 Lightning Ridge Jewellery Design Awards
Held over the last weekend of July, The Lightning Ridge Opal festival is a four day event that brings together Opal lovers from all over the world. 'Touch' was a piece I entered in the 2011 Opal Jewellery Design Awards where it claimed first prize in the Fantacy Section.


Design Award Pictures & More Information



Yowah Opal Festival Designer Jewellery Competition


The Yowah Opal Festival Designer Jewellery Competition was commenced in 1997 to begin to promote Yowah Opal. I've entered the competition multiple times over the years and you can see my entries here.


Yowah Opal Award Pictures & Information



Media & Recognition


Opals Information     Jeweller


Jeweller Magazine
Jeweller is Australia's leading business-to-business magazine that serves the jewellery industry. Recently they published my article around how Opals are misrepresented.

Opal Jewellery - Who's Who of Master Jewellers
Over at Opals Information they created a list of the top Australian Jewellers and were kind to include us. Here is what they say:

Ian (Mac) Macarthur began his career in the jewellery business working as a store hand for Dunklings jewellers of Melbourne, soon after leaving school. Mac is a specialised Opal jeweller who has perfected his techniques over 40 years. Having competed........


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