Opals the New Diamonds Well Not Exactly

Opal BeltSo they say that Diamonds are a girls best friend right? A lot of women do love them....so what exactly makes these stones so attractive? Well many say that its simply because the beauty of these stones reflect exactly how we see them, who can resist a diamond right?

I would like to share that the Australian Opal gives many females the same sort of feeling that diamonds do. In fact if you can get both together then you are in for a real treat.

Australian Opal has some amazing unique qualities that can be found as irresistible. There are a huge variety of colours and reflections with each type of Opal providing its own bit of magic. Boulder Opal has amazing blue's and greens in brilliant free formed shapes, Crystal Opals are soft in colour with almost a feminine quality around them while Black Opals are the rare beast of stunning dark colours that can almost give that feel of royalty.

Well a guess the best way to go is for both.


About The Author:

Macs Opals - Having over 40 years experience mining, cutting, valuing & designing opal jewellery, Mac has devoted his life to Opal. Winning many awards along the way Mac currently lives in Bellingen, NSW, Australia. Find him on Google+ or Facebook.