If you watched the Oscars this year you might have noticed that Cate Blanchett won the best actress category for her role in Blue Jasmine. A couple of things you might not have noticed is the pair of stunning Opal earrings she is wearing. The earrings consist of 62 white opals totalling 33ct set in white gold. As if that wasn't impressive enough the combined cost of the earrings, and diamond laced gown came in at an impressive £10.9 Million (~$18.5 Million AUD). Her dress was from the Armani Prive Fall 2013 Collection and cost an estimated £60,000, according to. Along with the Opal earrin...

How Opals Are Polished?

How opals are polished? Unspeakable beauty is hidden within opals. They are magical, colorful, and brilliant. Their natural shape is unique and their very existence means a lot to us. However, we learned that we can get even more out from them, more light, more color, and more brilliance. For that reason they are being cut, polished, and shaped into a variety of forms – and only to make them look even livelier and more attractive. Many stones, like emerald, aquamarine, and diamond are very beautiful in their natural form, and can be used as such. But, most of the opals need their shape and...
Came across this great Coober Pedy feature the other day on the Herald Sun: Explore Coober Pedy If you are an Opal lover, have you ever considered to take a trip to where they are mined? It's a fascinating experience and while any of the Opal Mines are worth a visit, the article gives you a great insight into what it would be like to visit Coober Pedy. So where is Coober Pedy? Well as they say in Australia - in Woop Woop. Translation in the middle of no-where. Founded the 1st February 1915, Coober Pedy is a small town in Northern South Australia. Its 846km north of Adelaide the Capital of ...

Someone recently bought a

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