The Uniqueness of Australian Opal Rings

Beauty, complexity and wonder are just some of the words that can be used to describe an opal, but there is one more which describes opals and opal jewelry perfectly and that is - uniqueness. Every single stone is different - various shapes, sizes, colors make every ring made of Australian opals one of a kind. Opal is known for its opalescence, diffraction of ray of light which gives different colors. For a long time it was unclear what was the cause of rainbow colors in precious opal. It was thought they occur the same way as colors in oil spilled on any surface. If opal lacks that beautif...

Simple Techniques To Care For And Maintain Your Opal Jewelry

Many people would agree that opal is magnificent and unique gem. Also, many people believe that opal is a very delicate stone. But they are only partly right. The fact that Queen Victoria’s opal collection is still as beautiful as it used to be, proves that with proper care this gemstone can retain original look for an indefinite period of time. This 60 million years old stone known for its beauty is also called the Queen of the gems. Opals are mainly mined in southern Australia, yet they can be found in some parts of South America and Europe. More than 90% of all opals at the world market ...

Opals the New Diamonds Well Not Exactly

So they say that Diamonds are a girls best friend right? A lot of women do love what exactly makes these stones so attractive? Well many say that its simply because the beauty of these stones reflect exactly how we see them, who can resist a diamond right? I would like to share that the Australian Opal gives many females the same sort of feeling that diamonds do. In fact if you can get both together then you are in for a real treat. Australian Opal has some amazing unique qualities that can be found as irresistible. There are a huge variety of colours and reflections with each ty...

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