The finished products are not only beautiful pieces of jewellery but unique!


I finally got to take my wife to Macs Opals at Bellingen that I have been promising for so many years. We spent some time going through the many exquisite opals with Mac and then later Leanne helped us design matching necklace and earrings. The finished products are not only beautiful pieces of jewellery but unique. What a special thing to have.
Thanks Mac and Leanne.
Dang and John

I expected them to be beautiful, but they were REALLY BEAUTIFUL!


My 2 kids aged 9 and 11 were given some money from a grandparent to spend on a keepsake.
I knew of Mac and thought a handmade opal pendant would be the perfect thing for them to spend their money on. They both spent weeks researching and designing their pieces, a treble clef for Willow and a Cobra for Nixon.
I was so impressed with the way Mac carefully explained the different stones to them, and how patient he was when they showed him their designs. Within weeks Mac called to say they were ready, and I was blown away at just how beautiful they both were.
I mean, I expected them to be beautiful, but they were REALLY BEAUTIFUL! My expectations were surpassed, and they now have a truly unique, handmade piece of Australia. You are a true artist Mac, and the fact that you are a lovely bloke is just a bonus. My turn next!
Jodie Neal

If anyone would consider having some special pieces of down under with opals, Mac is your man! 

– Peter Corriveau from Australia, May 2014


Mac is the jewler/ craftsman that crafted my family heirloom jewellery for me while i was in Australia. Two mens rings, 3 pendants , 2 sets earrings - all from a 1 piece of fire opal, incorporated into the pieces, 3 golds white ,yellow and rose and each complimented with diamonds. Even though he was very busy with all his own regular biz.
He liked my idea and agreed to take on my request even though i had tight time constraints traveling around the "the down under country". The final touch to the pieces was mac allowed my request to put my own touch on the pieces by letting me pour the gold in the moulds!
Mac's shop is in a little town of Bellingen new south wales Aust. a place where they like to "high jack" tourists (a good thing) i stopped for a beer in an historic hotel , much like the Laytonville Inn. and was high jacked for week or more by the residents of the town. (like they had to force or tie me up lol) and that be where i met mac, via davie duncan, "aka cruizin", anyway back to my main reason for sharing this , Mac is not only a talented jeweller/ artist/ craftsman he also is an impeccable business man with the "man of my word and the small town business attitude that puts him a step ahead of all.
If anyone would consider having some special pieces of "down under" with opals, "Mac is your man! what u can imagine he will create!! and deliver to you no matter where. I had to read in a magazine, he held the award for best "craftsmanship and design in opals" 5 yrs in a row in all of Australia, a compliment that speaks for its self. Anyway, thanks Mac, i relive my Australia (Bellingen specially) memories each time i put my ring on, someone decided they liked your work too, and stole my pendant somehow, but i know they couldn't possibly enjoy the character or memories of the piece as much as me lol.
Have a good one Mac , you never know when i may wander back into the shop again. lol i think that piece in your hands is too heavy for sure for a pendant unless it was on a logging chain of gold and a neck of steel to support it lol

Always wanted an opal pendant! Absolutely delighted. 

– Beat from Australia, January 2013


"Mac makes the best jewellery in the world!"


My ring is beautiful, exactly what I wanted. Handcrafted to order. 

– Maureen from Sydney November 2012



"Thank you so much Mac, my ring is beautiful, exactly what I wanted. Handcrafted to order."

Over the years I have given all of my family & many of my friends a piece of Mac’s jewellery & they have all been very happy to receive such a special & unique gift.

 – Leanne Smyly September 2012


"Over the past 20 years that I have known Mac, he has produced many, many beautiful & precious pieces to satisfy my jewellery obsession. My requirements are usually very specific & he has never failed to come up with something that is even better than what I had in mind. His craftsmanship is top class, each piece is made to last a lifetime, no matter how delicate & his knowledge of what will work & what won’t is always very greatly appreciated."


I travel the world, why did I choose Mac? – Mac made it easy 

– Garry McConnell May 2011


"I wanted a piece of artwork / jewellery that was original. It had to incorporate elements that I manufacture in my factory in China. Titanium, Carbon, Nickel, and Iron and of course Gold for success. Mac came up with some ideas, together we worked through some concepts and then he put it all together. What I got was an original necklace that integrates aspects of my life. The really great thing I like is that the pieces is too difficult to be copied - so I know that it is 100% unique - just like my industrial designs - just like me!"

It’s taken three years to find someone to edge the shell .Mac has done it , it adds dignity. 

– Megha Mar 2011



Megha arrived with a very beautiful Onion Skin bailer shell which she wanted to use as a receptical to hold and pour water ,we lined the edge of the shell with pure silver, otherwise known as fine silver which is .999 pure, and fashioned a pouring lip out of sterling silver, all this was a very delicate operation as the shell is so soft and brittle. After quite a few hours the operation was succesfully completed making Megha extremely happy.



It’s exactly the way I dreamed it 

– Rhonda Mar 2011



Rhonda came to us with the picture of the ceramic jug and an opal she had been given many years ago, she asked us to make a gold pendant incorporating the design of the female figure on the jug , we carved the figure in wax and showed it to Rhonda for her approval, she agreed that the stylised rendition of the female figure suited the jewellery piece. The next step was to make the pendant using gold from an old sapphire ring she no longer wore .Rhonda's comment when we took the photo of her wearing it."

Thanks very much I LOVE my new ring 

– Susie Feb 2011



Susie has been the proud owner of a lovely 1ct blue Ceylon sapphire ring for quite some time , she asked me to remake it into something even more special for an occasion , we looked at ruby and pink sapphires as an addition and finally settled on a green and a white sapphire to best compliment the existing blue sapphire.

We had a cracking good time. 

– Wayne and Sarah Jan 2011




Wayne ordered the diamond ring by emailing pictures from Hong Kong, we managed to surprise Sarah who was previously a customer whilst living in Australia. Wayne said "Mac helped me on my journey to find the perfect personalised diamond ring". On visiting the Studio and ordering the opal pendant Sarah is wearing, she said

The most wonderfull piece of jewellery that I have ever owned, I love it. 

– Mickie Jan 2011




Mickie wearing her new necklace.

Someone recently bought a

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