Opal Guide - Learn about Opal

We are absolutely in love with Opals here at Macs Opals, some might call it obsession :). No other precious stone brings a uniqueness and natural beauty quite like an Opal.

In this opal guide I hope you come across what you are after and if not why don't you drop us a line - we love answering questions!

If you are just discovering Opal for the first time you are in for a treat! I recommend you start out with these articles: what is an Opalwhat are the different types of Opals and where do Opals come from.

If you are after something with a bit more bite to it check out: our opal buying guide or read about opal fakes.

Introduction to opal

Just starting out on your Opal adventure? In this section you can learn a lot about the basics of Opal, what types there are and where they come from. Here are some of the articles:

What Is An Opal: What is it and how did they come to be? Find out in this article.

Types of Opal: Boulder Opals, Black Opals, White Opals & More – how to tell what is what.

Opal Buying Guide: Looking to Buy an Opal, then this Opal Buying Guide is for you! Everything you need to know.

History of opal

Interested in History, in this section you will find some great articles including When Opals were Discovered, What Opals signified throughout History, Certain Superstitions help towards Opals & some of the Famous Opals that Exist!

History of Opal: When Opal first poped up on the scene and its Significance.

Opal Facts & Myths: What the Truth? We clear up some of the common myths surrounding Opal.

Opal Superstitions: Were Opals always loved – not always it seemed.

Famous Opals Throughout History: Read about the famous Opals that exist.

Australian opal fields

Where are Opals mined in Australia. Here is a Guide to each of the different Opal mines & Opal fields in Australia.

Australian Opal Fields: Where each of the fields are located.

Queensland Opal Fields: Information of Koroit, Yowah & More.

New South Wales Opal Fields: A Preview

How to Guides

Here you will find valuable Guides that can help you Look after your Opal & Buy Opal Online.

Opal Buying Guide: A full guide to Buying Opal.

Caring For Your Opal: Just bought some Opal? Find out the best way to Care for it.

Opal Fakes: Get The Real Opal Deal: Learn about the different types of fake Opal that exist and how to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Someone recently bought a

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