Mac, an Opal Artist

Mac in his shop

Mac Art Jewellery was established in the early 1990’s in the picturesque town of Bellingen on the Northern New South Wales coast. Mac has been in the jewellery business since leaving school and has gradually become more and more enamoured with the opal coming out of the Queensland ground.

Over the years, Mac has been inaugurated into the trade via many various and wondrous paths. His beginnings were in a well respected Melbourne jewellery store known to all and sundry as Dunklings. He polished the glass counters, amongst other menial tasks, and this glass polishing has stood him in good stead in the years to come. A number of successful businesses followed a move from the city to the country.

Glass counters have still featured highly in his life for the purpose of display. Initially, displays of an eclectic array of semi-precious stones and rocks, as well as amethyst vugs and fossils, and jewellery.

Where is he today and what is he doing? Why is he unique?

Mac working in his shop in Bellingen

After more then 40 years, Mac has perfected his techniques and his loves and his passions and now zeroes in on a specific stone. A specific, little known and beautiful stone from the South West of Queensland which has exquisite colour set in an ironstone background.


This opal differs from the Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy variety and is today coming into its own.

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