Mac, The German Film Crew and My Steampunk Fantasy 2

May 2019, Macs Opals were contacted by a German Film Company, Maximus Films. They in turn had been contracted by the television program, Galileo, which challenges its actors with difficult tasks. Our actor had been given the challenge of ‘finding an opal’. The challenge started in the Bellingen shop, where she was given an opal education. Not knowing what to expect, ‘I thought we could dig down by the river,’ she said, she was taken to a waiting van which we then drove to Lightning Ridge, a journey of approximately 7 ½ hours. The weather was inclement, which didn’t stop our intrepid ...

MINING:- Go West Old Man Part 2

Mac's amazing adventure in outback Australia continues. Communication is sketchy, he has to climb to the top of a nearby hill for phone reception but he has managed to send some incredible images showing just what it is he does out there and the phenomenal rewards all his hard work is reaping. The Camp Bush transport Stunning colour Now, this is something very very special!

MINING:- Go West Old Man

 As Mac prepares for yet another mining stint at the ripe old age of 69, this time in South-West Queensland, the Mac crew are readying themselves for Bellingen life without him. Those in the know, know that he has explored and mined no less than 5 mines, from SW Queensland to Lightning Ridge in NSW. He has yet to sink his pick into the opal find of the century, but is no less optimistic that this will be the One. The logistics involved in a 3 to 4-month absence is somewhat daunting, but Mac is excited at the prospect of working with a successful company, one that he has known at the grass ...

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