Up Coming Opal Events For 2011

The following events form the basis of the opal industrys public face for the year, to see hear and taste this our National Gemstone, be sure not to miss at least one of these events. The Jewellery Design Awards at Yowah, Winton and the Ridge will show off opal at is best. 23rd April: Coober Pedy Opal Festival SA 23 &24th April: Coober Pedy Gem Trade Show SA 8 -9th July: Winton QBOA Opal Trade Show Qld 15 - 17th July: Yowah Opal Festival Qld 25 -27th July: National Opal Symposium, Lightning Ridge NSW 28 - 31st July: Lightning Ridge Opal Festival NSW 4 - 5th August: Australian Opal Exhi...

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