What is the Difference between White and Black Opal

If I asked you what the difference between white and black opal is, there is a chance your answer would be something like: Well the main difference must be that black Opal is black and white Opal is white, right? Well actually nothing could be further from the truth. Don't worry though you would not be the only one who would make the assumption that black Opal is entirely black and white Opal is entirely white. The colour actually refers to the body tone and not the colour of the Opal. The following Opal body tone chart gives you some idea of how the body tones can differ in the Opal world....

Find Out Why Are Opals Mainly Located in Australia

Why are Opals mainly located in Australia? This valuable gem is mainly located Down Under. For that reason, Australia is the World Heavyweight Champion in opal production. Its nearest challenger is Mexico with minor percentage of production. In fact, almost 95% of opals come from Australia which means that the share of all other countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic and some parts of United States of America, in the world’s opal market supply in less than 5%. The most famous opal locations in Australia are Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Andamooka, White Cliffs, and Cunnamulla dis...

8 Things You Might Not Know About Opals

While you probably know some of the things on the following list we hope you will find some little nugget about opals that you find interesting. There is certainly more to learn about opals so we hope that the following is enough to get the interest flowing. 1. 97% of the Worlds Opal comes from Australia Breaking that down further a massive 90% of that 97% is either White Opal or Crystal Opal. The majority of the other 3% of the worlds Opal can be found in the following areas: Czech Republic, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey,and Ethiopia. 2. Black...

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