Butterfly Stone / The Red Admiral - Famous Opals


The Red Admiral' or 'Butterfly Stone' was discovered during World War I on the 'Phone Line' field. Reported to be 51 carats, the stone is of extraordinary beauty, with a predominant red pattern equally visible from all angles. It wasn't until 1920 that the stone was given the name "Butterfly" because of its resemblance to the British butterfly, the Red Admiral.

Len Cram says of this stone, "If you turn this magnificent gem on its side it changes from a butterfly to a full-length picture of a Spanish dancer in traditional broad ruffled dress, perfect in pose and movement, aflame with fiery lights."

It passed through a number of hands, including Percy Marks and a Queensland grazier, before being purchased by the late Mrs Drysdale of Sydney. As of 2004, it was back in the care of Percy Marks & Co.

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