Jundah Opal Fields

Jundah opal mines are situated in the opal mining area historically known as Opalville, which is reputed for being the toughest in Australia and also for producing some of the most beautiful opals ever found, including the lavish “Galaxy”. Jundah is the administrative centre for the Barcoo Shire, which encompasses the towns of Windorah, Jundah and Stonehenge Jundah opals are known for their infinitely alluring colour play. Unlike with many others, their luminosity is so splendid that they can glow and mesmerise even with very little light present. At the turn of the 19th century, around 600 opal miners worked in Opalville in extreme conditions, lacking in water and other sustenance, in hope of sharing in the excitement of uncovering opals that have been the benchmark for the opal industry ever since.

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