Koroit Opal Fields

The Koroit opal field is located about 80 km north northwest of Cunnamulla. Opal was discovered here in 1897 by Lawrence Rostron, the manager of Tilboroo station, Eulo. Rostron formed a mining syndicate which initially met with little success. In 1900 a larger syndicate formed which included most of the original and carried out more extensive work to a greater depth. The find was estimated at between £800 to £900. At that time thirty or forty men were working the field, however the lack of water made the field a trying place.

The Koroit opal field is known for the very distinctive type of boulder opal that is found in its mines. The field encompasses the Red Star, Fiery Comet, Boobara and Holloways mines and produces brilliant Nut Opal, incredibly beautiful Matrix picture stones and red jasper-like Boulder Band capable of revealing brilliant faces of colour from thin horizontal veins of Opal. It is not a town. It has neither electricity nor running water. (It should not be confused with the town of Koroit in rural western Victoria, Australia.) During the 1970's the field was deserted. Today this one of the most vibrant Opal producing fields.

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