The Black Prince - Famous Opals

The Black Prince Opal has a stunning beauty and one of the unique pieces of opals. The Black Prince Opal is also known as ‘Harlequin Prince. This wonderful opal was found at Phone Line in the year 1915. The Black Prince Opal takes the pride of finding out this lovely gem. The Black Prince Opal exhibits a flag pattern one side red color on the other side. It weighs 181 carats. The Black Prince has a flag pattern on one side and is red on the other, and the face of the opal is marked by a sand hole. The Black Prince was found in 1915 at the Phone Line field in Lightning Ridge by Ted Brown and Tom Urwin, it was procured in England by the Museum of Natural History in New York. where it is on display along with a 272 carat dark-grey Opal. Later 'Prince' became part of the collection at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Los Angeles, and was stolen at the same time as 'Pride of Australia'.

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