The Flame Queen - Famous Opals

The Flame Queen Opal is perhaps the most famous of all opals. It is the best-known example of “eye-of-opal”, an eye-like effect created when opal in-fills a cavity. The Flame Queen’s flat central raised dome flashes red or gold depending on the angle of view, and is surrounded by a band of deep blue-green, giving the stone an appearance somewhat like that of a fried egg. The Flame Queen weighs 263.18 carats (52.64 g) and is somewhat triangular in shape, measuring 7.0 x 6.3 x 1.2 centimeters (2.75 x 2.50 x .50 inches). Extraordinary not only for its large size (263.18-cts.), but also for its unusual shape and color pattern, the "Flame Queen" is one of only a handful of large museum-quality opals known to man, even fewer have ever been offered at public auction. The "Flame Queen" is oval in shape with a flat central dome surrounded by a blue-green band - lending it the appearance of a fried egg. The Flame Queen Opal is an oval opal with a measurement of 2 3/4 inches x 2 1/3 inches. This stunning opal displays a broad bronze-red flash. It gives the look of a dome. This opal has been framed with a high emerald green band and looks like a ‘Poached Egg’, a nickname that has been given to The Flame Queen Opal. Check out a full list of Famous Opals.

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