Types of Opal

Different Types of Australian Opals.

Learn about all the different types of Australian Opals.


Boulder opals are similar to the black opals in that it has the same dark in tone. They get their name from the the fact that they form in the crevices found in boulders and can can vary drastically in size, for example from the size of a coin to the size of a car. The beauty of a boulder opal is that its natural finish can be extremely shiny and rich in colour.

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black opal

Black Opal is known for its rich, dark hue. While its called black opal the actual stone is not actually black, as one could easily assume. The difference and where it gets it name is that the black opals general tone is darker than the other opal stones in comparison. As the black opal has deeper & richer colours it makes it on average the most valuable of the opal types which has created a high demand for this type. Read More about Black Opal

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white opal

White Opal is on the opposite end of the spectrum to the black opal. The stone has a milky tone to it which tend to make the colors harder to see. This gem is not quite as valuable as the black version because it is more abundant and its general lack of sheen. While the quality of the white opal can vary greatly, a white opal stone of very good quality will have nearly as many tones and colors as the black.

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crystal opal

Crystal Opals are unusal for the reason that they have a transparent or semi-transparent look to them a lot like glass. What also makes the crystal opal interesting is that it can appear as either in a light or dark tone so you get an effect of a black or white opal that will be semi-transparent.

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