MINING:- Go West Old Man

 As Mac prepares for yet another mining stint at the ripe old age of 69, this time in South-West Queensland, the Mac crew are readying themselves for Bellingen life without him. Those in the know, know that he has explored and mined no less than 5 mines, from SW Queensland to Lightning Ridge in NSW. He has yet to sink his pick into the opal find of the century, but is no less optimistic that this will be the One. The logistics involved in a 3 to 4-month absence is somewhat daunting, but Mac is excited at the prospect of working with a successful company, one that he has known at the grass roots level for many years. This particular mine is open cut and has been producing gem quality opal since the 1960’s. Mac will be part of a team that has the equipment and the knowledge necessary to make a difference in the opal industry worldwide. He intends to take his adventurous wife along and show her how to drive a dozer and move dirt and rocks. He will provide an inexpensive, old caravan as a camp, so picture them under the Australian sky of an evening, counting the stars and sitting around the camp fire. She will take along a straw broom, a very large esky and the kitchen sink, literally. Watch this space for shonky caravan pics and recipes for opal casseroles and stir fry’s.

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