The Uniqueness of Australian Opal Rings

Beauty, complexity and wonder are just some of the words that can be used to describe an opal, but there is one more which describes opals and opal jewelry perfectly and that is - uniqueness. Every single stone is different - various shapes, sizes, colors make every ring made of Australian opals one of a kind. Opal is known for its opalescence, diffraction of ray of light which gives different colors. For a long time it was unclear what was the cause of rainbow colors in precious opal. It was thought they occur the same way as colors in oil spilled on any surface. If opal lacks that beautif...

The Difference between Opal Solids, Opal Doublets & Opal Triplets

This question gets asked quite a lot in emails and also by customers who come into the shop. So just what is the difference between solid opals and opal doublets / opal triplets? While us jewellers tend to be an honest bunch (our reputation depends on it!) unfortunately there are a select few that won't let on about what exactly a piece of jewellery might be. Hopefully this post should give you all the tools you need to identify exactly what you are getting. Read on to find out just what the difference is between the three. Opal Doublets & Opal Triplets Opal doublets & triplets are ...

Starting Out Tips for Buying Opal Online

Are you just starting out on your Opal hunting adventure? Where do you start when searching for the very best Opal you can buy for your hard earned money? Well, for most modern-aged people, the power of the Internet is now the most likely resource for a fine gemstone search. While there is nothing as good as seeing the real thing in the palm of your hand, the web is still a great starting point to begin the search for the very best Opal! By doing a quick search for ‘buy opals’ on whatever browser you currently utilize, a plethora of returns will be forthcoming. To wade through the infinite...

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