Are Opals Really Bad Luck The History Behind the Truth

Rumors are one of the most powerful forces in the world and rumor has it that opals bring bad luck to the one who wears them. Although rumors spread rapidly, most of the time the person who started the gossip remains unknown. However, that is not the case with opals because how this rumor started is a well-known fact. Scottish poet and a historical novelist, Sir Walter Scott, published a novel “Anne of Geierstein" where he described how opal brought nothing but bad luck to the main female character. Sir Walter Scott's bestselling novel managed to jeopardize opal in the market for almost half a century but, eventually, black opal succeeded in bringing this "evil" stone where it belongs - to the throne.


The long history of opal gemstone was enriched with many myths. Back in the Middle Ages, blond women believed that carrying this magic stone or "eye stone" as they call it, would help them not to lose the color of their hair. Imagine how great it would be if this one was true - life would be much better without boring commercials for hair products. In the 14th century, during Black Plague, people considered opal as some kind of indicator for plague. They believed that stone color would increase in the hand of infected person.

Also, a popular gemstone myth is the one which says that opal will bring you bad luck if it's not your birthstone. So, those lucky enough to wear opal were born in October, and for the rest it is better to choose some other gem.

Back in the ancient history, Romans believed that opal brings good luck and power, so they wore it like some kind of a talisman. Romans referred to opal as the "Cupid Stone". The old Greeks believed that this magic stone gives its wearer power of prophecy. Who can blame them? Opal does seem like some mystical crystal ball. In Mohammed's time, the old Arabs were convinced that thunders and bolts brought this beautiful stones to Earth. Many superstition tales give opal a bad credit, but not in Queen Victoria's case - she gifted all of her daughters with these precious stones. She was known as a lover of opal.

Furthermore, the bad reputation of this stone comes from the technology of the jewelers and their lack of knowledge in the areas of cutting and processing the stone. Opals were polished in a wrong way which led to cracking, drying out or losing some of its color.

Throughout the history, opals went from one extreme to another - from the lucky stone to, practically, a death stone. Nevertheless, there is only one truth about this most fragile stone among other precious gems. Can you handle the truth? Opal is the most beautiful stone that has ever existed. Does it bring good or bad luck? It depends on your own philosophy - we all make our luck, whether good or bad. So, good luck to all you opal admirers.

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