Coober Pedy Produces $15 Million Worth of Opals Every Year

Are you addicted to Opal like us? Well you might want to put a trip to Coober Pedy on your to do list. The Opal mines at Coober Pedy are producing a staggering $15m worth of Opals every year! Reported by the Mining Department Program Leader Peter Lane, he goes on to say the figure could even be higher because a lot of miners don't report their findings and sell for cash.


The attraction of the Opal hunt has drawn miners to Coober Pedy for generations. Many expect to stay a few months, maybe a year but the desire to discover the next big find can keep them there for many years. One of the biggest opal findings from the area was the Jupiter Five in 1989 by Steve Zagar, which weighed 26,350 carats.

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