Designing your own Custom Opal Jewellery

If you have a great idea for a custom bit of Jewellery either as a gift for someone special, a ring, necklace, an amazing stone that you have been holding onto...absolutly anything at all then it would be worth getting in touch with us to discuss possibilities. I have over 25 years of experience in designing different pieces of jewellery and entered many of my own creations in the Yowah Opal Jewellery competition. You can see my entries here: To give you some inspiration here are some points that might help!
  • Feel free to have a chat to me about the best direction for the Opal stone to be set in
  • Bezel settings are the most stable for a stone and offer the most protection
  • Boulder Opals are particuly good for big occasions due to their strong features
  • Silver & white gold settings are particular amazing with strong green and blue stones
  • Strong orange and red stones go well in a yellow gold setting
  • Incorporating diamonds into the design can help accentuate the natural colour of opal
Thanks, Mac

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