Opals throughout history, a symbol of hope, truth and purity

I remember the first day I fell in love with Opal. To this day the fact that every Opal is unique still fills me with amazement.

Can you remember the first day you fell for the illustrious Opal?

Throughout the ages most cultures believed that the opal was a lucky stone imbued with mystical or supernatural powers. You can see by the following beliefs that opals were seen in a positive light by many different cultures.

To start with Europeans saw the opal as a symbol of hope, truth and purity and if you travel back to the times of the Ancient Greeks & Romans by wearing an opal it was commonly believed that it would shield you from disease & imbue the gift of prophecy. They were also seen as a way to enhance inner beauty, inner vision and eyesight, including allowing the wearer to recall past lives. If we jump across to the middle east, Arabs believed that opals fell from heaven in lightning flashes.

The largest beliefs though are found in Australia amongst Aboriginals who feel that opals have a deep spiritual value. Aboriginal mythology holds that fire was given through the opal and that opal is a remembrance of an ancestor.

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