Photographing Opal A Tricky Prospect

Photographing Opals can be a tricky prospect. When doing the actual photographing, capturing the colors of the opal is the most highlight of the event. It will therefore require different angles to get the colour right & to show all the amazing colours that unique opal has to offer and to capture its beauty.

To attain the color of Opal, natural sunlight is the best lighting conditions for capturing the fiery colors of the stone. Use the DSLR/digital camera to check regularly the photos you've captured and adjust the positioning or settings when necessary.

Depending on the effect you are after one way that is quite successful is placing the opal on a black cloth then use a digital camera on a tripod to take the pictures.


  1. Cover the stand with the black cloth.
  2. Position the opal on the cloth.
  3. Mount your digital camera on a tripod. A tripod keeps your camera steady, which is useful for taking shots and getting a clearer photo.
  4. Set your camera’s ISO no higher than 400. ISO 200 is better.
  5. Look through the viewfinder to see how the opal looks.
  6. Play around the Opal to find the best position through your viewfinder.
  7. Take a shot and review it in your camera's LCD screen
  8. Move the Opal and then repeat! Cheers, Mac

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