Came across this great Coober Pedy feature the other day on the Herald Sun: Explore Coober Pedy If you are an Opal lover, have you ever considered to take a trip to where they are mined? It's a fascinating experience and while any of the Opal Mines are worth a visit, the article gives you a great insight into what it would be like to visit Coober Pedy.

So where is Coober Pedy?

Well as they say in Australia - in Woop Woop. Translation in the middle of no-where. Founded the 1st February 1915, Coober Pedy is a small town in Northern South Australia. Its 846km north of Adelaide the Capital of South Australia, about an 8-9 hour drive. Driving from Sydney would take about 22 hours (Driving the full length of the UK is only about 16-17 hours!)

How do I get to Coober Pedy?

There is a daily coach service from Adelaide, you can catch the Ghan Train (but have to have prearranged transport) or drive the long open desert roads. All the travel info you need on the official site.

Why would I go to Coober Pedy?

Well Coober Pedy is the largest opal mining area in the world with over 70 different fields! If you go in April you can catch the Gem Trade Show with a huge amount of opals with many bargains available.

It seems a long way to go just for Opals?

Well if Opals aren't enough then there are other things that might catch your fancy. The scenery can be breath taking, the isolation eye opening & the sunsets incredible. There are a few attractions that are also worth checking out.

The Breakaways Reserve

The breakaways is a large national reserve located right near Coober Pedy. It gets its name, The Breakaways, because the plateaus and massive rocks look like they have broken off the 'main land' from a distance.

Old Timers Mine

The Old Timers Mine gives an amazing insight into the history of opal mining in Coober Pedy. The work was long, painful and with very little chance of the jackpot everyone craved. If you are interested in planning a trip here are some useful resources:

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