Featured Article in Jeweller Magazine A National Travesty

Being one of the most read Jewellery magazines serving the Jewellery industry there is a good change that you have heard of the the Jeweller Magazine. As quoted on their site: 'The magazine keeps readers informed about trends and developments in the jewellery industry as well as techniques to improve productivity and increase sales and customer service'. Well for those interested in the Jewellery Industry & Opals in particular there is an article they featured on myself regarding how Opal is one of the most mistreated Opals in the Jewellery Trade.

Here is the opening paragraph:

Opal has the power to eclipse jewellery lovers, says Ian McArthur – of only retailers would give Australia’s national gem the treatment it deserves.

‘I didn’t think that I liked opal, but , wow, these are amazing!’ I regularly hear this type of comment. Why is it that the Australia public think they don’t like opal? Is it because retailers off too little and charge too much, choosing to stock opals that have very little colour, or classy looking triplets in unimaginative settings?

The rest can be found on here on the Jewellers Magazine's website.

It is only available to paid subscribers though so if you don't want to sign up you could always track down a copy of the March 2011 Jewellers Magazine. Otherwise feel free to drop me an email:



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